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Rockstar Games, Inc. is an American video game publisher based in New York City. The company was established in December 1998 as a subsidiary of Take-Two Interactive, using the assets Take-Two had previously acquired from BMG Interactive. Founding members of the company were Sam and Dan Houser, Terry Donovan and Jamie King, who worked for Take-Two at the time, and of which the Houser brothers were


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Working 14 hours a day 6 days a week for 6 months is no way to live. The games are important but people you work with are even more important than that, it's funny how they call it a family...especially since not all of us are making the BIG $$$."


"Do not respect your time - Productivity is measured in hours so it does not matter how much work you complete or the quality of that work as it is only briefly peer-reviewed if at all. Father's are called in on father's day to do average priority work (luckily I have no kids). Boys club / Frat mentality - Every time I detail the horrors that happen here my review gets taken down for community guidelines. I'll let that speak for itself. (This is my third attempt to review) Disorganized - The design team received an email on Sunday at 5pm saying all outstanding work was due by the end of the day and the leads only just found out. Decisions are made by a committee of informal shotcallers from all departments, right down to every detail. They do not communicate with each other which means things change every week or even daily and blame is constantly shifted around for missing deadlines. In one case a manager's emails were being forwarded to another employee, written for him, then sent back for mass distribution under his name. However bad you think Rockstar is, it's worse in terms of disorganization. Little innovation in the product. They have been shipping GTA III clones since 2001 and while the graphics of the product do become more and more impressive, don't expect to have creative freedom against the top brass in even the smallest details or any attempts to push the envelope."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"It's pure chaos. There is no organization whatsoever while employees are required to put in ridiculous amounts of overtime (which is monitored by management) Managers will talk a big game but never actually follow up on items they claim they will follow up on which you will get blamed for. Management refuses to accept responsibility for their own actions and instead choose to throw subordinates under the bus with higher ups Cliques and favoritism are rampant. If you're into playing politics and know how to boot lick you'll be fine though your manager will still gossip about you. If not, managers will bully you until you quit or they can get you fired Elitist management which insists they know best even though most of them don't. Your competence will always be questioned no matter how good a job you do. Some managers are very obviously threatened that you can do their job better than they can and will act accordingly HR retaliation is an open secret within the company. Just because HR is a woman doesn't mean she's going to help you if you have issues with your toxic manager Everyone hates/fears New York yet very obviously wish they were New York. Some managers purposely and willfully refuse to provide accurate information to New York to foster an adversarial environment with the head studio"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Lots of political land mines. You can get a reputation over one night at the bar and feel your career is stunted. The largest metric for getting progression in your career and pay are based on how much you sacrifice your life for the company. This was a legitimate metric during review cycles. If you sacrifice a lot, and look like you do a lot of work for good, you'll rise faster. Every discipline's sub teams (Environment Art, Engine Programming, Mission Design, etc) are all based in certain studios. If you're not located at that studio, you're in for few hours of communication with your boss and teammates. This is something that's very hard to overcome when trying to make change as well as trying to learn from co workers."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Oddly regimented for a game company Little management support Unclear and shifting goals Work/Life Balance just doesn't exist"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"You will be working extreme overtime outside crunch time for low pay. Upper management has little leadership skills and breeds unhealthy environment. You'll have to do your job without sense of direction and lots of ambiguity. Lack of communication causes struggle on both ends to the upper management and employees."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Broken windows everywhere... careful about stepping on the glass."


"Never ending crunch cycles. Demanding hours that will take a toll on family life. Constant paranoia inducing scrutiny for what time you leave each day. Meager bonuses that will never make up for time spent. Worst management you will ever experience. Period. The inner circle of "kool aid drinking" loyalists will invite you out drinking just to loosen you up to weed out anyone who is not happy. Talk freely any negative opinions (no matter how justified ) and you will be fired."


"No consideration for work/life balance. Employees have no choice but to work late and give up their life outside of work because of the constant demand for a fast production pipeline. Good work doesn't come fast especially under sleep deprivation and mental stress. No monetary compensation for OT. Lack of additional resources in order to make full time employees feel supported. Project timelines unrealistic and overly demanding."

Former Employee - Prefer to Hide for Fear of Retaliation says

"The rumors are true. You will be treated like a slave. Project is first, your life is second or third or eleventh. Crunch for show is the norm. You are forced to be there long hours even when there is nothing to do. Everybody then panics and things have to be done for yesterday. Terrible environment, everybody is frustrated. We made the most successful game in the world and everybody was miserable! Get ready to work long hours/weekends for months or years. You will get aggressive emails demanding you to work 6 days a week as a minimum. You will be threatened to be fired if you don't work every weekend and 12 hours a day. Everything is kept in secret so you don't know when the game is supposed to be done and stay late. Then deadlines are pushed and the crunch is extended for another 6 months. This can go on for years. Extremely passive aggressive managers that treat you like a new guy working at McDonalds even if you are very skilled or senior. All managers have this "you should feel grateful that you work here" attitude. People hate them with passion. Everybody is afraid of Sam. Everybody is walking on eggshells waiting for him to explode. Managers hide from him what is really going on in the project so he doesn't explode again. Culture of fear. You will get fired if you don't come on the weekend. You will get sued if you talk badly about us. You will get sued or fired for everything! Constant feeling of "something really bad is about to happen". My health suffered from it. Managers treat you badly and are extremely moody. Sam screams at them and they scream at the people below them until it reaches you. Horrible, horrible atmosphere. Some managers are abusive to the point of illegality but are protected by management. Managers treat people who leave Rockstar as traitors or losers. HR is on Rockstar's side. You feel trapped. You hear horrible stories happening at other Rockstar studios all the time but nothing changes. Really bad technology. RAGE engine is terrible. Crappy tools that are very limiting. Feeling of having to work handcuffed. Things are not automated enough and are done by hand by people that have to stay late. Brute force is the norm. Wouldn't work here again and i don't recommend it to anyone. Forget the prestige. It's not worth it."

Technical Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Doing a 14h/day on salary was not enough. No summers for 3 years was not enough. Not worth it at all.i was allowed to sleepso bad it hurt"

Technical Content Artist (Former Employee) says

"Great place for people that want to settle down. Not a good place for people that want to progress in their career. It takes years for them to even see you're worthy of promotion. Management has issues with time management. Overtime is a huge problem. You will be shamed for not doing atleast certain hours of overtime a week. And treated differently because of the amount of hours you put out of your core hours. Also not paid for OT.Free breakfast, Free good stuff sometimes, Easy worklifeOver time, Bad management, Long time for progression"

Game Designer (Current Employee) says

"Unlimited resources is nice but it lends to a viscous "do whatever it takes to get it done in time" mentality. They substitute smart planning with uncapped overtime to get things done, and getting promoted is as much a social game as it is sacrificing everything for the company."

Senior 2D/3D Artist/Modeler (Former Employee) says

"Rockstar has a very rigid way of doing things, many updates to the core features tends to break builds. way too much overtime , working 9 straight months of extra hour, no less than 12 hours 6 days a week, is a good way to burn out your employees. although when a project is complete and more work is coming in they lay off employees anyway. advancement was sparse, there was no interaction about design or artists input because there was little to no deviation from the concepts even if it didn't work well in 3d. it was a learning experience none the less. i wouldn't work for Rockstar againworking for a popular AAA companyway to much overtime, little appreciation before you are let go"

David John Parr says

"Dont buy it cos Griffer hell if had better policy on griffers all aways on defence so griffers cant attack and I loved this game but like NSNYC its bye bye bye"

Dar Ramlogan says


Göran Pramgren says

"RDR2 Online.. really good game.. love it. Problems starts whit gold and rewards and when you buy gold.. and then you have to contact support.. and now the problems begins.

A game will always have problems.. but in this case the support gives you no help at all. They have standard answers they cut and paste .. and nothing helps .."

Glenn says

"their customer support is an actual joke. I get the ERR_GFX_STATE and spend an entire day trying all the fixes I could think off and find and nothing worked. I spent around 4 hours tweaking settings and seeing if they worked. I couldn't get the game to work and I was sold a broken game so I requested a refund, I got a steam bot telling me I have more than 2 hours. I couldn't get in contact with a real human at steam. after a while I ended up at Rockstar support and they're useless, I get messages from different people who apparently don't read previous messages and end up wasting my time. they finally told me it was a corruption in my windows install and I know for a fact my windows is clean so I told them off. Instead of fulfilling my request and getting me in contact with an actual human at steam they started circle jerking me and avoiding to help me get my refund. I feel like I have been robbed. Here's the entire chatlog thusfar,

I've been trying all day to find a solution to get the game to work but it crashes due to the ERR_GFX_STATE and none of the things the community has found has worked for me. I really want a refund but steam won't give me one because I have 3.7 hours in the game, the thing is that's 3.7 hours in the menu settings and restarting the game. Now I hope you can help me with a solution otherwise I just wasted 54 eu on a game I can't play and that's a lot of money for me right now. I hope you can help me get the game running or get a refund.

December 26, 2020

Thank you for contacting Rockstar Support.

This issue is related to your most recent save file. Please try loading an older Story mode save file, and progressing to the point the issue occurred on your current save file. To load an older save file:

Launch RDR2 into Online.
Go to the Main Menu.
Click on Story > Load Game.
Select an older save file to play. Using this save file as your primary save should solve the issue.
And for the refund, you will have to contact Steam. we won't be able to process the refund from our end as it is a steam purchase.

If you have other concerns please do not hesitate to write back.

Best regards,

Reanna D. Rockstar Support

I don't even have a safe file because the game crashes before I can even get an auto save. And I want a refund as I was sold a broken game but steam denies me one because I have more than 2 hours in the game. funny thing is I haven't even played for 2 hours, that was me tweaking settings in the menu and loading the game. I know you can't process the refund because it's a steam purchase but can you at least try to contact someone at steam because I can't seem to get a hold onto an actual human. 54 eu is a lot of money for me right now and I can't even play the game.

look I appreciate you trying to help, but as I said, I scoured the internet for hours to find a fix and tried everything and nothing worked. I just want a refund.

December 27, 2020

We appreciate you following up with us.

If you haven't already, please try the following steps as they have been known to help with similar issues:

1) Change the Default Graphics API to Direct X 12 from Vulkan

Launch Red Dead Redemption 2

From the Main Menu select Settings

Select Graphics

Under Advanced Settings select Unlocked

Under Graphics API select DirectX 12

Save your settings, but do not Restart the game

Return to the Main Menu

Exit the game

Launch Red Dead Redemption 2

2) Apply the -ignorepipelinecache launch argument

Start Steam
Under Library, right-click on Red Dead Redemption 2
Select Properties
Select Set Launch Options
In the text box, add -ignorepipelinecache
Select OK
Close the Properties window
Launch Red Dead Redemption 2
Please let us know if this helps.

Best regards,

Rick A. Rockstar Support

December 28, 2020

I already did that. that was one of the first things I did. didn't help at all.

December 28, 2020

Hello GANGgangGlenn,

Thank you for contacting Rockstar Support.

I understand your concern with Red Dead Redemption 2

Kindly follow the workaround I have mentioned below.

In this case, I would like to inform you that this issue can be resolved by deleting the following files in order to force the game to use DirectX instead of Vulkan which seems to be in cause :

Go to the following folder : C:/ Users / Documents/ Rockstar Games / Red Dead Redemption 2 / Settings
Delete the following file : sga_vulkan_final_init.vkPipelineCacheHeaderWindows
And delete this file as well : sga_vulkan_final_init.vkWarmupCacheWindows
Restart the Rockstar Games Launcher and the game
I hope this will resolve your issue.

If not please do not hesitate to write back to us. We will always be here to help you.

Best regards,

Reanna D. Rockstar Support

December 29, 2020

I'm running out of characters so I can't share more but I think you've got and idea of how useless and illiterate they are. Absolute scammers. 1/10."

Kenny Walters says

"There ganes are coded/ designed to waste your time. Often they have missions that you don’t do anything but just fly all the way across the map and back (yes they are really that lazy). They’ve released a new heist that is a bugged out disaster. They have these stupid loading screens which take forever and you just get shot during them. Since the December 15 dlc cars and delivery vehicles crash into absolutely nothing if close to an object. I sent a complaint, they said they wanted proof, I sent several images as they don’t support sending videos and no response back. This is an unfortunate pattern with this company customer service department and is probably the worst part of their game. You can tell corporate leadership is nonexistent and takes absolutely 0 responsibility. My child gets so mad at this game I had to sit down and watch why he gets so mad and now I know. They code their AI to be extremely difficult while tuning down the mechanics and overall responsiveness of the controls only during missions. I watched one where he had to drive a car back to the garage and without any damage the car starts jerking left or right. I grabbed the control and didn’t touch anything and sure enough the car is steering by itself moving left to right avoiding semi trucks with out me touch anything but the accelerator. They have these awful prolonged loading screens that you can get shot while the game has complete control of your character. You can get shot by AI through building, mountains/ terrain and even from over 1 mile away (I tested it) This game is popular because gets like to pretend and imagine driving cool super cars or flying planes. So these executives thought they could exploit that sense of wonder or imagination in children by inflating the prices on those items, while designing a game that takes forever and often causes them to fail even though they completed the whole mission exactly right. In one of their new dlc missions my son wanted to get a boat to get to an island. He fights through all the enemies, shuts down 3 security panels, fights through more enemies, opens a min terminal, gets in the boat and then the game tells him he has to destroy helicopters even though he’s the one getting away...? So he destroys the 2 helicopters and 2 new ones just spawn out of thin air, he kills them, it happens again, and again, and again. After destroying 10 helicopters he unplugs the game. I asked him why did he do that. He said because they charge me $30,000 every 48 minutes just to play the game. He has been working on missions for over 4 hours this morning and hasn’t made a single $0.01 (vc of course). That has to be internet fraud because he spent over $100 to acquire that money and the game takes .375% back every 48 minutes. That doesn’t seem like a legal transaction. It certainly isn’t an ethical one and I feel the ceo of their parent company (who went to Harvard law) should know that and be held to a significantly high standard. You can’t charge someone for something and the just take it back. No where in the product description of the product being sold for $100 does it say the game takes .375% back every 48 minutes you play online. The barter of exchange is $100 for $8,000,000 vc currency. Not $100 for $8,000,000 currency - .375% every 48 minutes. They are not being upfront about their barter of exchange and are stealing money from millions of people who have purchased a shark card. Every single shark card sale should be void"

Kickassderick says

"Customer service is a joke I won a car off the wheel so I "replaced" a car I had that I was going to move to another garage I thought it was going to go to storage but no "replace" in rockstars eyes means gone for ever so I contact support for my first time ever and they couldn't do anything about it no in game currency no nothing dont waste your time on costemer support they don't care about you"

Replica Valley says

"So disappointed with the new heist update did not live up to the hype at all sorry totally done with gta now"

Keenan Kraft says

"They need to fix gta bunker missions the game has been out for 6 years they should have their sh¡t straight"

Hardus Koekemoer says

"Rockstar have grate game if u can get to them struggling for 2 day to get on the launcher. you cant ply you're game you have bye"

The Calm says

"The absolutly worst software and registration system, forcing me to count dice numbers sum like 10 times in a row. Images are in terrible quality (like 20 pixels), terrible picture size, impossible to zoom in/out. Another software/launcher u need to login to play a game (first u need to have acc in steam/epicgamesstore/etc). Just terrible expirience."

Kosta says


Not Going says

"Ruined Grand Theft Auto 5 by not giving players the option to complete setup missions outside of the public lobby. Not everyone wants to be subjected to the wrath of other players all of the time, especially not when they are trying to complete a mission objective. Worst of all, Rockstar did this solely to force players to spend money on cars, weapons and other digital items. Disgusting, greedy behavior."

heer van Kuijk says

"Bought gta 5 premium online edition, but couldnt play it. Money gone."

KRMsero says

"Absolutely abysmal to their fans, rockstar strives at making great games, and then milking every last drop for profits. Simultaneously shaming those who glitch money whilst leaving game breaking bugs in the game is just one of many pathetic things they do. If you contact rockstar, expect a cold emotionless response. This is a reprehensible company and they need to change their greedy, callous ways if they want their ratings to improve."

tim b says

"I got scammed again. Gta/Rockstar show deals on screen while loading which are already expired, contacted them. they gave me the middle finger. Here is one from me, 1 star for rockstar."

MD says

"The AI in this game is the worst I’ve seen in a video game since 2001. You get shot through mountains let’s put it that way. The first 2 missions I did I never got paid and rockstar failed to ever fix the problem. The response they sent was “clear cache files”. The game is designed for you to make little to no money for the time it takes to complete missions. The missions themselves are not fun and incredibly redundant. There’s 5 or 6 missions per topic and each one of those missions is virtually the same as the last. They designed a game to make their customers feel frustrated and hopeless so they go buy shark cards for $80 that gets you not even the most expensive item in the game. In my opinion they should be sued for what they are doing psychologically to kids."

Free Speech says

"They only care about money - no fixes for game breaking bugs, not a single try to fight hackers infestastion but when some bug show up that will allow you to exploit something and skip hours of boring grindy gamepaly they on their toes "fixing" it instantly but banning everyone who used it. And on the top of this chocolate cake they customer support is non-existent - they will ban your email and ignore anything you say because guess what, you can start from the scratch and buy VERY cheap shark cards and buy everything you had once again!"

René Gauthier says

"The worst ever. Weak server, multiples exploit, no support, full of hacker. Their games would be good in the hands of another company. I wait for the day they will be banned from xbox and Playstation."

Yoinkin Tonic says

"Got account wiped for absolutely nothing in GTA online, support refuses to listen to me and take two acts like we aren't people, but things that consume their products. A disgusting company with disgustingly buggy games and disgustingly bad support for the players"

Harry Webb says

"Awful game do not recommend"

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